A bright shining sunlight guides our traveler to the field of cotton candy. This is the real treasure and pride of Wonderland. Every flower has a different fragrance and color depending on who sniffs it. A river of chocolate swirls through the field filled with Swedish fish and gummy swans. Everything seems so peaceful and quiet. Until…

All of a sudden the park owner arrives and squeaks. Something has gone terribly wrong with the field of cotton candy. The chocolate river was connected to the sprinkler system and now all the flowers have lost their colors. Gone is the rainbow playground.

The owner asks our hero for help and that is how this story starts.

With Pages I can make a field guide on the fly. With sketches, pictures and audio recordings.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open Pages and select one of the book templates. For this example I went with the lesson template.

First step is to redesign the cover of the book. Swap out the picture by tapping on the image icon at the bottom right. Now select a new image or capture one if you are outside.

Then we want to add a few pages. On these pages we will be sketching our plants and flowers. Next to will be a little information on them.

Go ahead and tap on the plus sign at the bottom left hand corner. Choose a blank page or a text page.

To get started with drawing, tap on the screen with your Apple pencil to reveal your drawing tools.

Draw your plants and flowers.

Add a text box and provide some information.

For the last part I added a table, creating a grid to design the plantation of the flower beds. To do this, tap on the plus sign at the upper right hand corner and go to the table section. Choose a 2D table and give it a grid layout.

Tap on the table to select it and then tap on the paintbrush to adjust its style.

All you have to do now is plant the flowers.

Tap on a flower and copy it. Then tap anywhere on the page to paste it.

After that drag it over to a position in the grid.

Repeat this step till you are happy with your design.

When you are finished, export your document as an ePub into Books.

Tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner and tap on export. Next choose ePub.

Going Further.

Make sure to come back to Wonderland in the Spring and observe your colourful delight. Come and smell the roses.

This is one of the activities that educators can participate in during The Playground at FETC and TCEA.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Apple Teacher

Everyone Can Code

Everyone Can Create

Have fun!