The Ride.

I got into a Lyft car to the city when it hit me: this could be a realistic coding activity for the students. Instead of having them all do the same maze challenge over and over again, I would let them Uber their way through a self constructed city.

Technology is the driving 
force behind it all.

Kurt Klynen


Here is my story:

First you create a car with whatever materials you can find. LEGO pieces worked great for my example.

TIP: Make sure to leave room for your engine.

Prior to this lesson I used Numbers to go through the design thinking steps on how to build a car. For more info on how to use Numbers look at this.

Once your car is finished, it is time to install your engine. Lower your Sphero ball with the necessary drama with Grease Lightning music playing on your Apple Music.

Now that your Uber is finished, it’s time to take it on the road and give it a spin.

Order Your Driver.

Recreate your city, township or village. I used LEGO street base plates for a smooth surface to take the car for it’s maiden voyage.

Time to pick up your first customer! Determine a pick up and drop off point. Mark these spots in your city.

Open Swift Playgrounds and download the Sphero template. Program the route and press start.

Observe your result and edit when necessary.

The next customer (learner) will be waiting around the previous drop off point.

Keep this going till all your learners reach their destinations.

Have fun navigating your own driverless car!

This is one of the activities that educators can participate in during The Playgrounds.