Last week I had the opportunity to visit a school where the students were displaying their maker projects in a Dash & Dot Parade. This inspired me to a similar project related to a light show that we have in the beginning of every school year in the town I grew up in. Here are the steps:


Dash & Dot Example

First the students sketched out their designs for a parade wagon on paper or with the Paper 53 app. After the designs were sketched and adjusted, the construction phase came to play.


During this step everyone got a platform and a set of 4 wheels. On top of the kit they now had to build their own themed story. Bringing their design to life. Just like during the light show this could be anything related to their interest, hobby or news topic.


Tip: This is where I will change the lesson a bit for next school year and I will provide my students with a battery and a set of lights from a Little Bits kit. In this way we will be able to recreate the light show in a miniature version in the classroom.


Once the wagon was finished it was time for the big show!

Dash & Dot Step 1

Time to bring out the Dash & Dot robots now. All the wagons were connected to each other and then the students connected their iPad to a robot using bluetooth.

Dash & Dot Step 3

With the Blockly app they set the directions for the parade to travel through the track in the classroom, displaying all the beautifully crafted designs.

Dash & Dot Step 4

Dash & Dot Step 2

Tip: A live version of this event will be displayed through Periscope with my students next school year. Inviting parents to the party.


After the event all the wagons were put on a display and photographed.



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