The Crew.

Meet the MeetBot Crew. They are a fully programmable robotic dance squad who pop up all over the city. Dance groups have been around the city ever since sneakers and vinyl records were invented. Crews come together and the best of the best show off their talents in a “Dance For Your Life” battle. Earn eternal respect and the keys to the city. For this activity I will tap into your coding and creativity potential.

It’s a combination of creativity and coding. Inspired by #EveryoneCanCode and #EveryoneCanCreate

Kurt Klynen


Here is my story:

First of all you will need to lay down some sick beats using GarageBand. So go ahead and open that app.

When you create a new project choose “Live Loops” and select an appropriate genre. I find myself choosing either Hip Hop, Dubstep or R&B.

Explore the sounds and create your own musical masterpiece.

TIP: Make sure to have a look at the BPM (Beats Per Minute) located under the wrench icon.

Tap on the record button to eternalise your creation.

TIP: You might want to start thinking about a remix version already. Tap on the FX button and go crazy!

Congratulations! You have completed the first step in becoming a crew.


Now that the sound is solid, we can focus on the dance work.

Build your MeeBot robots.

Open Swift Playgrounds and download the MeeBot template.

Connect your robot to your device and start teaching him some dance moves. You might want to consider to lay down a piece of carton. Word on the street is that all the real pro’s do this. And you do want to become a pro no?

Select “Grand Finale” from the MeeBot Dances list.

Tap on the music note and select your own song.

Select the BPM in the code and put the value in to make him dance to your beat.

Play your song on your iPad Boombox.

Observe your result and edit where necessary.

TIP: You might want to rehearse a few routines because a dance battle could go a few rounds.

Think you and your crew are ready? Ok, then challenge an opponent and let the dancing begin!

The Dance Battle.

Think you and your crew are ready? Ok, then challenge an opponent and let the dancing begin!

This is one of the activities that educators can participate in during The Playgrounds.