Tiny Room For Elephants.

On one of my walks recently I stumbled upon a local artist festival called Tiny Room For Elephants. These hidden gems in the city always seem to get me so inspired. And that is exactly what happened. The lightbulbs, fireworks and connections went off in my head.

One of the works pulled me closer. I love repetition in art and the artist lawrenalice has mastered the art of symmetry. Her work got me thinking. Didn’t I just learn something in a Today at Apple workshop about a symmetry tool in Procreate…

The symmetry tool in Procreate will make this activity look like child's play.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open Procreate and tap on the plus sign at the upper right hand corner to create a new drawing canvas.

Confirm by tapping on a suggested size.

Next tap on the wrench tool at the upper left hand corner.

Select the Canvas icon and turn on the Drawing Guide.

Tap on Edit Drawing Guide.

Go over to the Symmetry section and select one of the options.

TIP: Make sure Assisted Drawing is on.

Select a brush by tapping on the paintbrush tool.

Start drawing on one side of the guide line and see what happens.

Share your final result by tapping on the wrench tool again and selecting share.

Choose one of the formats and save it.

Going Further.

Now that you have mastered the symmetry tool, take a walk and capture symmetry in your environment. Where does nature reveal this to you? Create a video afterwards using Clips where you highlight the phenomenon. Next time fibonacci? Maybe?

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Procreate Artists’ Handbook

Procreate Pocket Handbook

Procreate Support

Apple Teacher

Everyone Can Create

Have fun!