Scratch Off.

The Christmas holiday season is knocking on our door now with just a few days till December. With that in mind, I wanted to challenge your creativity a bit, encourage you to share your results and bring family and friends closer together.

To inspire you I have created this Scratch Off calendar. Covered not in snow, but in the Everyone Can Create spirit.

The inspiration for this idea came from a combination of two brilliant ideas from two fellow Apple Distinguished Educators.

First there was the scratch off video from Brian Timm, teaching us all about how to use shapes and drawings in Keynote to hide objects. That was then quickly followed in my Twitter stream by Joonas Väisänen and his advent calendar. In his tutorial you will learn how to make a Link Only project using – again – Keynote.

I then merged these two sparks together to start a Christmas bonfire.

Here is your challenge! Embark with me on a journey for the next 24 days that will reach its pinnacle on the 25th of December with global celebrations.

Apple Distinguished Educators like Brian and Joonas inspire me to push my creativity to the next level.

Kurt Klynen

The Calendar.

For those of you who cannot wait and want to get started immediately, here is my mine. Complete with a book to highlight and share your creations.

Scratch Off Calendar – Everyone Can Create

The Book of Christmas Spirit – Everyone Can Create

TIP: I would love to see your results. So if you are on social media or you know someone who is, use the hashtag #ShapeYourHolidays and share your creations with me.

Happy creating!


Going Further.

Instead of using links to go to the challenges, you can also send learners to them using QR codes. This version of the calendar can be found here.

If you get stuck along the way or you want more inspiration, then you might want to download these resources:

Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide

Everyone Can Create: Drawing

Everyone Can Create: Photo

Everyone Can Create: Music

Everyone Can Create: Video

Apple Teacher: Keynote for iPad Starter Guide


Have fun!