Last week the students went on a real safari. I wanted them to research animals and there habitats. Here is what we did:


First I hid animals all over the room. There were animals hidden inside and outside. Some were on the ceiling, others were hiding underneath a seat or coat in the hallway. Then I invited the students on a photo safari.

Safari Step 1

Once they had found one, they took a picture of the creature. It was so fun to see them explore like real scientists. Finally we were moving with our mobile devices.

Animal Step 2

Tip: All the animals are printed on a white background. This is for a very particular reason that I will explain a little lower in this post.

Safari Step 3

After finding them all, I distributed a presentation in Keynote with four different habitats (rainforest, desert, savanna and Antarctica). The students researched the environment and determined which animals could live here.

Safari Step 4

The final step of this lesson was to add the animals in the correct  biotope. Make them feel at home.

Once we started doing that, the images started to pile up and pretty soon we couldn’t see the background anymore. this is the part where the white background starts to make sense. We selected the photograph and applied the instant alpha technique from the toolbar.

Safari Step 5

In a swipe of a finger this will take out the background like a pro.

Safari Step 6

Now we could resize the animals and see the total overview.


More info:


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