On one of my lazy Sundays I was strolling around from shop to shop. I love the little curiosity shops, because for me they are hidden with small gems.

One of those diamonds that caught my attention was “Magical Myrioramas”. This game lets you tell endless stories by adding card after card. Eventually creating an endless panoramic story.

I wanted to capture these stories, so I decided to use Clips.

Panoramic stories go on forever. Use the Light Table view in Keynote to storyboard first.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Before starting with the actual video, make sure to snap some picture with your Camera app of the panoramic tiles.

Next ,open Clips and tap on the box in the upper left hand corner.

After that, tap on the plus sign to start a new project.

The first step for our recording is an introduction. For this tap on Poster and select a graphic that resonates with you.

Once you have found something you love, double tap on the text to write the title.

When you are done, it’s time to record this. I usually record for about three to four seconds. Learn more about shooting video with the Everyone Can Create Video guide. You can find this at the bottom of this post.

Now go ahead and tap on the big red button to record.

For the next part of the activity we are recording subtitles on top of our images.

Tap on Library and select the image you need. No worries if your images are not in the correct order, we can change this afterwards by rearranging the video blocks below in the timeline. Or you could tell a different version of the story.

Once your image is in, tap on the speech bubble. This is the Live Titles section.

Now select a title that fits with your image. Confirm by tapping on the X.

Tap on the red recording button and start talking.

Not all the words might have gotten on correctly, so tap on the video clip and tap on the Live Titles button. This will reveal your text.

Tap in the text to edit it.

TIP: This is not a text editor. You cannot paste a whole story after your recording, unless you recorded several seconds after you stopped talking.

Repeat these steps for the other images.

TIP: To speed this process up, have the learners write a storyboard first. You can find some templates here.

Then reorganize your video clips if necessary.

Before exporting you might want to add some music to it. To do this, tap on the music note at the upper right hand corner.

Select a song and apply it.

Preview your video.

TIP: Do a final check on the audio by tapping on all the clips and making sure that they are muted.

When you are satisfied with the end result, tap on the share button at the bottom right corner and select Save Video.

Going Further.

You can take your video even further by importing it in iMovie and adding all kinds of titles, effects, and more.

This is one of the activities that educators can participate in during The Playground at ISTE.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Apple Teacher

Everyone Can Create

Have fun!