Inspired by a play called ‘The Stinky Cheese Man And Other Fairly Stupid Tales‘ and a Kickstarter project titled ‘Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls‘ my students and I decided to go out and explore stories that are surrounding us. Here are the steps:

Story Step 1

First we researched our home towns. We left no stone unturned. As real medieval storytellers, we hunted for myths and legends.

Story Step 5

After this step, we collected the stories and confronted parents and grandparents with these. How were these tales told to them? The students had to pick their favorite one.


Then I gathered them in a circle and they had to tell the story to each other. By the time the tale came back, lots and lots had changed. From the storyline to even the main character! This eventual result was written down.


As a final step we pulled the technology in. We wanted to record, enhance and publish every single one for the next coming weeks. For this step, we looked at Garageband. With this audio toolbox at our display we explored our creativity, bringing these gems to live.

Story Step 2

We opened a new project and selected the microphone. I wanted them to do the narration first.

Story Step 3

Afterwards, depending on their story, they added extra voices, effects and music.

Story Step 4

Finally we exported them and now we are looking at publishing them to the masses.


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