This week I wanted the students to create art for Mother’s Day. So I asked them what they wanted to make. One of them came up with this video, where paint is combined with the coding of a Sphero 2.0 ball. I love when they mix media to express themselves. Here are the steps:


First we watched the video “Painting with Robots“.

Then we prepared the environment by laying out a canvas and selecting the right colors.

Tip: Just like in the video it is very helpful to paint with the ball inside a box so that your classroom floor is not covered in paint afterwards.

Art Step 2

Once that was done, the children dived into the Tickle app to control the Sphero ball. With their programming skills and creativity flowing freely, the results were some beautiful masterpieces.

Art Step 3

Tip: Try a few times before you choose your final result.

Art Step 4

Afterwards the students wrote a word on top of it that represents a skill of their mother. Some of them used the TypeDrawing app for this.

Art Step 5

Some students took a picture of their work and uploaded it into a jigsaw puzzle app, to play with it at one of the stations in the classroom. Challenging friends and fellow learners to recreate their work.


More info:

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