Two weeks ago I was amazed by one of the girls talking about “Loop Wizard Battles”. My face was puzzled. I had never heard of anything like it. All I did was ask her about her favorite activity and this is what she came up with. She told me that during playtime she would team up on the playground with about five of her friends and then they would create loops in the app Garageband. After everyone has prepared and performed, the jury will select the winner of this playground “Battle”. I got so curious that I switched the roles around and I let her take me through it step by step. Here they are:


First they open the app Garageband and tap on the plus sign to create a new song.

Wizard Step 1

Instead of selecting a music instrument this time, the students tap on “Live Loops”.

Wizard Step 2

During the next step they scroll through the various music tastes and select the one that appeals to them.

Wizard Step 3

The genre gives them a prerecorded song already to play with, but if they wish to add more loops all they need to do is tap on the plus sign on the left and then select “Loops”.

Wizard Step 4

Within the library are a massive amount of choices, so selecting the next piece in the musical puzzle is very delicate.

Wizard Step 5

Next they preview the loop before adding it.

Wizard Step 6

Once the choice is made, it is a simple drag and drop of the sound to the right track and timing.

Wizard Step 7

Now they are ready to start playing the file and mixing it with their magic, just like a real Loop Wizard does!

Wizard Step 9


After everyone has preformed, the vote of the public jury will decide who wins this playground contest. During the next playtime, this whole event starts all over again and new winners will be announced.


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