Last week we had a look at 8-bit art and how we could create some ourselves with LEGO in the makerlab. This inspired me to set an augmented reality builders challenge for the students. Here is what happened:


First we got inspired by looking at 8-bit LEGO art.

Example 1

Then we recreated the art with the LEGO bricks.

Result 2

While building, the students took pictures and created a step-by-step guide of their artwork. Afterwards all the images were imported into iMovie. This created a stopmotion instruction movie the students could use as a guidance to recreate the next puzzle.

iMovie Step 3a

The next step was to link the finished result to a video, challenging the students to build someone else’s artwork. We used the app Aurasma for this.


When the students hoover over and scan this finished result with Aurasma, the next building challenge will pop-up.

Result 1 Example 2

As a result students have created more challenging designs to keep this contest going.


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