Intrigued by a Twitter post from @nahdan, I wanted to see what other educators could do with this idea.

Basically you take two or more shapes and mix them together into a new animal.

From an educators point of view this fits perfectly into a lesson about this news article from last week where a zebra and a donkey (zonkey) mated and produced a new species. Calling it Zippy.

Keynote has become an easy tool to bring your imagination to life.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open up Keynote and select a new blank template.

Delete the text boxes if necessary.

Click on the shapes icon in the toolbar and search for an animal that will be your base to build upon.

Select the shape and click on the format button to change the colour.

Repeat the step to add a new animal. You should now have at least two animals that you can morph together. This is a very delicate thing to do, so you might want to keep it simple during your first tries and work with just two animals.

Now select the top animal and in the menu go to Format > Shapes and Lines > Make Editable.

Breaking it apart.

Click on the points you don’t need and delete them.

Keep repeating this process till you get close to your final result.

TIP: Start with simple animals instead of a dragon like me, because it took me a while before I was done.

Click to select your top animal and preform a secondary click using the Control button (ctrl) on your keyboard.

Select “Break Apart”.

Delete the parts that you don’t need anymore.

Finish your project up by formatting the new head into the same colour as your base animal.

Going Further.

After you select both animals, you go to Format and the Arrange button.

Have a look below to “Unite”  them into your new creation.

Name your new creature.


More info:

Apple Teacher: Keynote for Mac Starter Guide

Have fun!