The challenge for last week was the design of an interactive book for station work on the steam playground. Students need to see that there are different stations in the classroom on a floor plan.  By tapping on the floor plan they should be able to get a glimpse of the activity at the station.


To make this happen I used Keynote and iBooks Author. Here’s how I tackled the problem:


First I created a line drawing of the classroom in Keynote and exported this as an image.

Step 1 Floorplan in Keynote


Next step was to import the image into iBooks Author and adding little marker pins on every station.

Step 2 Add Markerpins

On top of every pin I added the pop-up widget.

Step 3 Add Pop-up Widget

Next I added the necessary content in the text box and illustrated it with a picture.

Step 4 Add Content

Then I had to make the image fully transparent, because I want to user to tap on the marker pin, not knowing that he’s actually tapping on the widget. You can do this by selecting the image and clicking on the graphic inspector.  Then turn the opacity to 0%.

Step 5 Make Invisible

As a little extra, I wanted the children to be able to tap on the image in the pop-up widget and be directed to the chapter in the book where the assignment of the station was located. For this action you need to select the image or a piece of text and go to the hyperlink symbol in the inspector. Enable this as a hyperlink and tell it to link to a chapter or section.

Step 6 Add Link


Hope you’ve enjoyed this example and I would love to see some of your floor plans for your classroom designs.


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