Technology always gets me excited, especially when it is being used by children in education. Last week I had the privilege of visiting a few schools during the BETT event in London.


Schools were presenting their best classroom practices. In this example the kids had to go outside in the forest and take a picture of an insect. Then they used paper and pencil to make a drawing of the insect. While doing this an iPad was recording a time lapse video of the whole process. The time lapse was made with the built in camera.

TimeLapse Drawing

When this task was completed, the student used AirDrop to send it to one of the other students for a peer review. Using the Explain Everything app the fellow student gave feedback on the result, but also on the process.

Explain everything feedback

This example made me think of a good friend of mine called Cathy Hunt who is a real inspiration in the field of Arts. She finds the delicate balance between digital and analog and uses the right tool where needed. If you’re looking for more examples like the one you have seen above, follow her blog or download the two free books she has published.


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