Last week a group of teachers from kindergarten asked me if they could replace their paper folders with all the rhymes and sing-along songs to a digital portfolio on the iPad. In their current situation, they  print the songs, the children learn the songs and afterwards put it in their paper folder. The problem with this rises once the kids want to sing the song again and they don’t remember the lyrics or the rhythm.


So we brainstormed and came to this conclusion: What if we put the songs in a book? Record ourselves singing and have a karaoke version with just the audio as an extra in the book?


With this challenge thrown at me I dived into the app Book Creator and did just that: together with the teachers and the children we’ve created a whole musical book that will keep growing for the school years to come.


Here are the steps that we took:


First we wrote the lyrics to the song.
Sing Along Book Step 1

Sing Along Book Step 2
The next step was to record the song while the children and their teacher were singing it.
Sing Along Book Step 3

After that I wanted the version with just the music and no singing on it. I added two icons: one with a microphone and one referring to just music.

Sing Along Book Step 5

I selected the speaker icon that appeared after the recording on the page and tapped on the information button to turn the option “Invisible in iBooks” on.


Sing Along Book Step 4


As a result, we now have a growing sing-along book for the children in kindergarten and their parents.


More info:

Book Creator


Kurt Klynen

Kurt is an educator who started his educational career 18 years ago. Nowadays he develops learning experiences and teacher support materials that are simple and elegant using Apple technology, tools, and apps to improve engagement and outcomes. He loves building and delivering technology-based instructional materials, curriculum, or professional learning programs for educators and education institutions.
Kurt is a passionate educator and inspiring speaker.

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