Yesterday was the annual award ceremony of the Oscar’s. So I decided to jump onto this maker space movement with the kids. Here is what we did:


First everyone had to bring a shoebox, make a hole in it and decorate the outside.

Diorama Step 1

Then we applied the LED lights, made a background for where the device could go in and added some other elements to decorate the interior. Finally we added the dashboard of a car to make it look like a real drive-in.

Diorama Step 2

When the construction work of the shoebox diorama was done,  we started to edit the movies on the iPad using iMovie, Green Screen DoInk and StopMotion. We used different apps, because we wanted to have different categories.

iMovie Step 3a

Afterwards we slid the device into the shoebox and watched the results.It almost felt like a bigger version of Google Cardboard.

Diorama Step 3 Diorama Step 4 Diorama Step 5

More info:


Green Screen DoInk


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