Background Music.

There are sounds all around us. Take a minute and close your eyes. Absorb every little blip, beep or shhh. Can you hear them? They sound like music to my ears.

Time to get your recorder out and capture these for a fun sample song. Experiment with music using GarageBand and the Sampler.

Record short sound bites and combine them with Live Loops.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open a new GarageBand project by tapping on the plus sign at the upper right hand corner.

Select Live Loops and start a new empty song.

Once inside the project, tap on the first cell.

Select instrument.

Slide over to the keyboard section and tap on Sampler.

Turn off the metronome by tapping on it.

Point your iPad towards a sound you want to record, then tap start. After you stop recording you can instantly play the sound on the Sampler keyboard.

Experiment with the sample and find a rhythm you love. Now tap on the red recording button and play.

Your first sound is in. Let’s repeat these steps for the next sounds.

Tap on the grid icon at the upper left hand corner and tap on another empty cell. Start filling the cells up with sounds and effects.

Now that you Live Loops project is filled, we are going to pour this into a mix.

Tap on the FX button at the top and then on the record button to record your song.

Going Further.

This is one of the activities that educators can participate in during The Playground at FETC and TCEA.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Apple Teacher

Everyone Can Code

Everyone Can Create

Have fun!