Comic Books.

I learned to love reading through reading graphic novels and comic books. Now I love telling stories with graphics and especially using comic books. For me it has been a powerful way to learn new languages.

With the recent updates on Pages, Keynote and Numbers and the #EveryoneCanCreate campaign from Apple, I started drawing again and thinking about ways to combine creative skills and language learning.

After opening Pages on my iPad, I looked for a comic book template in the library overview and I couldn’t find one, so I decided to design one.

Follow these steps to create your own version or scroll down if you just want to download the template for your students.

I learned to love reading through reading graphic novels and comic books.

Kurt Klynen


Open the Pages app and select a new blank book in the Books – Landscape or Portrait section. I like reading in landscape so for this example I will select that template.

Next tap on the plus button at the top right and select the shapes icon.

Now select the box shape.

Once the panel is on your page you can start formatting this by selecting it and then tapping on the brush.

Go ahead, change the color, add a border,… get creative.

Next step is to tap into your drawing skills either by using Apple Pencil or by tapping on the plus icon, selecting the image icon and tapping on Drawing. For the second way you would need to use your finger or an alternative pencil.

After creating a drawing, add the speech bubble and start the conversation. You can find this shape in the same gallery as mentioned earlier.

To make this project fully interactive add an audio recording of the text in the speech bubble. Either the exact text or a translation in another language.

TIP: if you want to turn this into a collaborative activity, you could let every learner draw a panel based upon the previous one.


Download the file here.

When I initially shared this idea on social media I got a response from a fellow ADE Louise Cimetta who shared her version of a comic book template using media placeholders so you can easily import your own pictures.

Here is the template.

More info on Louise


Have fun!