The Oracle.

Deep in the Fairytale Forest a well is hidden. Only those with pure intentions stumble upon it.

That day has come for our adventurer. He is standing eye to eye with the stone wall. Just a little lift will do to sit on the edge of the well and stare down into the ocean of knowledge.

You get three questions and then it is up to you to add a piece of knowledge.

Teach Shortcuts to Siri and have your personal assistant do all the heavy lifting.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open the Shortcuts app and tap on Gallery to browse through some shortcuts.

Tap on the one you want to install on your device and confirm by tapping on Get Shortcut.

Switch over to your Library by tapping on the icon in the menu bar all below.

Now tap on the three dots in the corner of the shortcut you want to edit.

What you see next, is the behind the scenes of the shortcut. Tap on the Control Panel icon at the upper right hand side.

From the menu choose Add to Siri.

Think about a good command your can record to trigger the Shortcut by Siri. For my example Make QR I went with “Make QR code”.

When you are ready to record, tap on the red button. Double check if you are happy with the command and tap done.

Wake up Siri by either pressing the home button for a few seconds or by saying “Hey Siri”. Then add your command and see what happens.

Going Further.

Use the wisdoms of the wishing well for your next learning journeys.

This is one of the activities that educators can participate in during The Playground at FETC and TCEA.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Apple Teacher

Everyone Can Code

Everyone Can Create

Have fun!