As the cliche stands for educators, I too love a good cup of coffee. So when we were in Seattle for the Creative Constructor Lab, we went out on a caffeine scavenger hunt. It is Seattle after all. During that quest we stumbled upon a hidden gem called Storyville. An inspiring environment with a spectacular view and of course great coffee.

While waiting in line, their advertisement caught my attention. It was a silhouette of a child holding a plane. Behind it was playing some kind of video.

This brought me back to an activity from the Everyone Can Create – Photo book.

Creativity hits you when you least expect it and in the most uncommon places.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open Keynote and start from a blank template.

Delete any of the text boxes.

Tap the plus sign on the top right and go to the shapes library.

Search for a shape that you like. For this example I choose a boy and a plane.

Once both shapes are on the slide, select them.

Then tap on the paintbrush and go to Arrange. At the bottom choose the unite icon.

Next step is to add the background. Go to the shapes library and select a square. Transform this to a rectangle so that it covers the whole slide.

Select your new shape.

Move it to the background by tapping on the paintbrush and adjusting the slider in the Arrange section.

For the next part you have to select all the shapes and then tap on the paintbrush. Go to the Arrange section and tap on the subtract icon.

Once that is done we are going to add an image to this new shape.

Tap the shape and the paintbrush. Go to the Style section and tap on Image.

Select an image from your library.

Adjust the layout of the image in your shape.

TIP: Add some shadow to your silhouette to make it pop.

Almost done now!

You have successfully designed your silhouette.

Time to take care of the video playing in the back.

For this next step we need a Live Photo or a movie from your photo library.

TIP: Have a look at this video on how to create a bouncing or looping Live Photo.

Swipe your Dock up and drag your Photo Library out.

Now select the Live Photo you need and drag it into your Keynote art.

Once the photo hits the presentation it turns into a video.

Tap on the movie and then on the paintbrush to explore the option like looping this video.

Arrange it to the back so that it is behind the silhouette.

Hit the play button to share your artwork.


Going Further.

During the summer fellow educators Gerard Greally and Christine Klynen showed me how to take this idea even further and use it for animating video behind text.

Recently Wes Molyneaux released a book on this Keynote trick and more (see below).

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:


Everyone Can Create: Photos

Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide

Apple Teacher: Keynote for iPad Starter Guide

Creative Keynote Hacks


Have fun!