The Spark.

As mentioned in the previous post from collaboration comes new ideas. The scratch off calendar came to life by looking back and connecting the dots.

After posting the “Shape Your Holidays” campaign using the Everyone Can Create materials, you reached out to me to write down the steps on how to make a calendar for yourself. I’ve heard you, so without further ado here are the steps.

Trigger the curiosity of your learners by hiding a challenge underneath the scratch off part.

Kurt Klynen

Scratch Off – The Steps.

Here is my story:

First we want to create a mask to hide the surprise in. Tap on the plus sign on the top right and select a rectangle with rounded corners.

Repeat this step and now change the color and size of the second shape by tapping on the paintbrush and going to the Style section.

Place the smaller shape over the other. Once the shapes are in place select both of them and tap on the paintbrush again. In the Arrange section tap on the subtract icon to create your mask.

Next tap on the plus sign and add a surprise shape, image, video, audio,… for your learners.

Place this item in the middle of the shape and move it to the background using the glider in the Arrange section.

For the next part you will need your drawing skills. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be precise.

Tap on the screen with your Apple Pencil or tap on the plus sign and select Drawing from the media section.

Choose the paint tube and a color of your favour.

Start tracing around the white area (see example).

Make sure that you cover all spots, you don’t want to reveal the surprise too quickly.

For the final piece of this part tap on your drawing and move it behind the mask. This should be the middle. Tap on the paintbrush and use the glider again in the Arrange section.

Now select all items and with the final tap, choose Group from the menu.

Try your result out by tapping on the screen with your Apple Pencil and selecting the eraser.

Start scratching!

Calendar – The Steps.

Now that you have created the first block, you can go ahead and duplicate it twenty four times for your calendar.

Tap on your block and select Copy. Then tap on your slide again and select Paste from the menu.

Repeat this step till you have enough boxes.

Next you need to add a link to each block, linking to a different assignment or surprise. For my example I put the link on the box instead of the hidden treasure.

Finally you want to create a certain atmosphere on your calendar by adding shapes from the shapes library.

TIP: Use your imagination and start morphing shapes to create your perfect result.

Going Further.

By now you probably have about a million ideas on how to use either the scratch off or the linking in Keynote.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide

Everyone Can Create: Drawing

Apple Teacher: Keynote for iPad Starter Guide


Have fun!