Card Shop.

This weekend we had Christmas cards on our to do list, so of we went to the mall on a quest to find the most original cards to send to family and friends.

Often when I go through these I feel attracted to those with the simplest of design. The ones who use basic shapes, yet make it beautiful to look at and communicate the message I want to send with a glimpse of the eye.

Simple shapes and design can only mean one thing to me: Keynote. When I came home, I jumped into the studio and here are some results.

I love how simple graphics can spark the imagination of learners to create beautiful resources.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open Keynote and start from a blank template.

Delete any of the text boxes.

Next tap on the plus sign at the upper right hand corner. Go to the Shapes Library and choose some basic shapes.

Try to design outside of the slide. In the example of the snowman you can see that I used a white circle, but the eventual result will give you a closeup of his face.

Same thing for the Santa card. I used several white circles to create his jacket. the beard is also only partially on the slide.

The holes in the belt are done with the subtraction option. A step-by-step guide on how to do this can be found in the silhouette activity.

If you have greeting cards laying around, I would suggest starting by recreation those and then let your imagination take over.

The final step for this activity is to export all the images to our Photo Library.

Tap on the three dots at the upper right hand corner and select Export.

Choose Images from the four options that you get.

In the next screen choose your image quality and the range of images.

Tap Export and check the Photos app to find them there.

Going Further.

I challenge you to go into a card shop during these next days and start collecting some basic designs. Use them as tangrams and start seeing the shapes in them.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide

Apple Teacher: Keynote for iPad Starter Guide


Have fun!