After making art on Mother’s Day with Sphero balls, we couldn’t leave the dads behind. So for Father’s Day, we decided we wanted to try it out the Ozobots. Since the newest versions had just arrived at school, we decided we wanted to play with the built-in lights. What turned out to be our eventual result, was a glow-in-the-dark selfie portrait. Here are the steps the students took:

First of all, they had to bring in their favorite selfie of their father.


Then we traced the lines off the faces with a black marker on a white sheet of paper. Ozobot uses four colors (black, red, blue and green) to code the little robot. When the robot detects a line it will start moving.

Step 2

Watch this video to get an idea:

TIP: Read more on the order of the colors and what that means to the code.


Now was the time to tryout our first attempt on the track. We placed the robot somewhere on the black line and observed the way it was riding over the portrait.

Ozobot Step 1

After evaluating this process, the students had a look at the coding options. The way each color was read on the line made the robot move in a different way. To make the little Ozobot jump from the outer line to the center of the eyes, they needed to apply the colors in the exact order.

Once the robot was riding over a different color, that color would light up inside of it. This is when we switched off the lights and observed the art that was appearing right in front of our eyes. At this time I asked the students to record this phenomenon with the slow motion function in their camera.

Ozobot Final Step

Both the artwork and the video our hopefully part of a wonderful Father’s Day in the houses of these students.


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