Elephant Parade.

Many years ago, I was in Antwerp when all over the city I found beautifully decorated elephants. Recently I was at the Amsterdam airport and here they were again. Immediately it sparked an idea that I could do this with my learners in a digital way. With the newest updates in Keynote I can combine shapes and then use my Apple Pencil to unleash my creativity turning the elephant parade into an animated spectacle on my iPad.

By using my creativity, I can raise awareness for a global problem. Keynote has all the features to make it real.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open up Keynote on your iPad and select any blank template.

Add a new slide.

Import a picture as a background. In my example I’ve added a panoramic background that is stretched over three slides. Giving the viewer an impression of an actual parade going by.

TIP: Shoot a panoramic picture using your camera.

Next tap on the top plus sign and go to the shape icon.

Tap on the magnifying glass and search for “elephant”.

Adjust the size of your elephant to the picture in the background.

To decorate you can now choose to either use shapes from the library or start drawing with your Apple Pencil.

For some of the elephant in my example I used both techniques.

Once you are finished creating, it is time to put some motion into your parade.

If you have used a panoramic image, I would suggest going with the “Push” transition. You can find this by tapping on the slide and waiting for the menu to appear. Once it’s there, select “Animate”.

Choose your transition and preview.

If you are happy with your end result, I would suggest exporting it as a movie.

To do this, tap on the three dots on the top right and select “Export”.

Now choose the movie format and save it in your Photo library.

Last step is to share it.

Going Further.

Invite learners from around the world to add their creativity to your project and raise awareness for this dying species.

If you are inspired to dive in deeper or start your own parade. Here are the resources that inspired me to come up with this example.

More info:

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Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide

Apple Teacher: Keynote for iPad Starter Guide


Want to try this example for yourself? Come and find me at the Apple Distinguished Educators Playground and get hands-on.

Have fun!