This week the students walked into an animal crime scene in the classroom. I wanted them to investigate the clues that were left on the scene, so that they could find out who committed this crime. Who ate who? That was the big question. In order to find this out, I gave them a report on the potential suspects. To find the killer they had to design a food web. Here are the steps that we took:


First we investigated the scene and the clues that were left.


Then I presented the students with the report on the suspects. This was a little book that I made in Pages and exported as an ePub. This gives the students the opportunity to make notes in the report, mark text and add additional information.

Animal Step 1

The images of the animals were added to the camera roll.

Animal Step 2

After researching it was time to start building a map and make the connections. We opened a new project in Popplet and added the nodes to create the mind map.

Animal Step 3

Then the students added the images of the animals in the nodes and wrote the necessary info on top of it.

Animal Step 4

The last step was to connect the dots and built either a food chain or food web.


As a final step the students had to present their main suspect and make a case for this animal to be the killer.


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