Book Creator.

A while ago I got challenged to design an interactive reading experience using Book creator. The rules were simple:

  • You can only use Book Creator.
  • It has to be a signature Kurt Klynen design.
  • And you have to document the process.

The result is this book called “Book Creator – Ways to enhance literacy“. At the back of the book you will find a video showing you how to design the table of contents using shapes, creating a connection between the pages by combining shapes and text boxes and adding navigation with transparent images.

Below you will find my thought process and how to get from A to B(ook Creator).

In order to see the whole picture, you have to design outside the page.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

  1. Write down a structure for the book.
  2. Gather ideas outside your playing field.
  3. Sketch the big picture.
  4. Find a color scheme that connects.
  5. Create a folder structure.
  6. From sketch to screen.
  7. Use placeholders.
  8. Ask for feedback and ask it quickly.
  9. Use a form to collect text from different authors.
  10. Preview your result.

Once your result is out, ask for feedback and edit. Do it quick and often. Don’t wait till the end, cause it could cause you to end up at the drawing board.

Going Further.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at some of the resources I used:

Adobe Capture



Have fun!


Kurt Klynen

Kurt is an educator who started his educational career 18 years ago. Nowadays he develops learning experiences and teacher support materials that are simple and elegant using Apple technology, tools, and apps to improve engagement and outcomes. He loves building and delivering technology-based instructional materials, curriculum, or professional learning programs for educators and education institutions.
Kurt is a passionate educator and inspiring speaker.

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