Holidays are always a good time to connect or reconnect with family. One thing I have noticed, is that once everyone is in and gathered around the fireplace the stories of past, present and future are being shared. Unfortunately not everyone gets to participate in the same conversations and some of the stories get lost.

When I helped out to put the twins into bed, one of them asked me to tell them one more story before night night. This is when I decided to start a new family tradition and keep the stories going. I took out my iPad and opened GarageBand to eternalize our roots.

GarageBand gives me the opportunity to pass family stories along from generations for generations to come.

Kurt Klynen

The Steps.

Here is my story:

Open GarageBand and start a new project by tapping on the plus sign.

Tap on Tracks and swipe through the instruments till you get to the Audio Recorder.

Tap on Voice

Turn off the metronome to avoid it being in your recording. Tap on the blue metronome icon for this.

Next record your story. Tap on the red button and start talking.

TIP: I record each sentence separate, so that it is easier to edit (cut, paste,…) and move it afterwards.

When you are done recording, tap on the stop button and then on the rewind button. The last action will return your playhead to the start of the  project.

Now it’s time to record the sound effects and background music.

Tap on the tracks sign at the upper left hand corner.

Once you see your track, tap on the plus sign at the bottom left hand corner.

Choose either an instrument or go into the Sound Library and create a song with Live Loops.

TIP: You can also tap on the Apple Loops sign on the upper right hand corner and drag and drop the loops into your project.

Rearrange your sound pieces if necessary.

Time to share your story.

Tap on My Songs to return to the menu.

Find your project and tap on it. Select the Share option from the menu bar.

Choose how you want to share your project. I went for Song.

Afterwards select the quality and a record album sleeve.

Tap on Share.

Going Further.

Now that you have your story recorded, you can take it even further by adding the audio to an interactive book in Pages. Your children will be able to read along or read the story by themselves.

If you are inspired to try this yourself, have a look at the resources I used:

Everyone Can Create: Teacher Guide

Everyone Can Create: Music

Apple Teacher: GarageBand for iPad Starter Guide

Podcast Best Practices


Have fun!