One thing we do every single morning in the classroom is look outside, take a picture of the sky, talk about the weather and fill in the bulletin board. I thought this week the students could spice this up a little bit by creating their own news show. With green screen and everything.  So here is what we did:


First we shot some video of the sky with the build-in camera.

Weather Step 1

I let the students compare the weather at school with the predictions online and the Yahoo weather app. Based upon this info they wrote their own report.

Weather Step 2

After that we opened up the app Tellagami and created a new project. The next steps in this app are to recreate yourself as an animated news reporter, select a background (live from the camera, from your photo library or draw one) and record your narration.

Weather report Step 3

Tip: Because we didn’t have a green screen in the classroom yet, we selected the option draw for the background and changed the color to green. Blue will also work.


Once the recording was finished, we exported this to the camera roll.


After working in Tellagami, we started on the second part of this lesson and opened Green Screen by DoInk. Inside this app we could combine the two videos and let the green screen magic do its work.

Weather Step 4

So we selected a new project and added both videos.


Tip: Add the green screen video first and then the other one.


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