Last week I started reading the book “From The Campfire To The Holodeck” from David Thornburg. This inspired me to have a look at how schools are helping students to engage with their environment. Could I find the four places in a school that the author of the book refers to:

  • Campfire
  • Watering Hole
  • Cave
  • Life

The first school I visited was a special needs school. In this school students sit in individual cubicles to give them a lot of structure. In the book this is referred to as the cave.


On the outside of one of these I discovered a timeline. The teacher wanted to know how she could turn this activity into a digital activity on the iPad. We started brainstorming to use an app like Popplet to create mind maps. Eventually, I reached out to the guys from BookWidgets. Last thing I’ve heard about it they are talking with the teachers in the school and asking them for feedback. Looks like one of their next updates will have this new widget in there. Fingers crossed!




On the second school an interesting staircase welcomed me. Below each step was a colorful multiplication table. This stairway to multiplication interacts with the children throughout different moments in a day.


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