This weeks example is about our carbon footprint on the Earth. The students and I are studying waste and how to reduce, reuse or recycle it. To help them come up with creative solutions I designed a spinning wheel activity. This wheel gives them different images of waste and then one of the three keywords mentioned here above. Here are the steps to make your own:

Recycle Wheel Step 4

First, I needed to get photos of different kinds of garbage. Things we use in our every day life like a plastic bottle, a yogurt cup,… The students got the assignment from me to hunt for as many different items possible. Preferably coming from their direct environment. Only the objects that we couldn’t get to ourselves, we searched for on Pixabay. This is a website where the images are in the public domain and we don’t get into copyright problems.


TIP: learn more about creative commons on this website.


Next up was the building of the spinning wheel. To create this activity I decided to use a widget from the BookWidgets company. By choosing this option I can distribute it to different devices and put it in a multi-touch interactive book afterwords.


For this particular case, I used their BookWidget app on the iPad. After opening the app, I selected ‘New Widget’ and chose the ‘Randomness’ one.

Recycle Wheel Step 1

I added three wheels and filled out the fields. The first wheel it’s the one with all the different images. The second one, just has the recycling logo in it. For the last wheel, I entered the words ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

Recycle Wheel Step 3

Recycle Wheel Step 2

The final and last step was seeing this thing come to life. Using it in the classroom with the children has been such a joy. These kids come up with most brilliant ideas. From recycling robots to massive pieces of artwork. They brought it all to the design table.The future of our planet is in good hands!


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